Saturday, 30 June 2012

Speed of light, time and space (wide view study):

Speed of light is one of the most things I read about, I know that I am not a physician but I got my logic, regarding logic as the base of all sciences, so what is speed of light in my point of view.

At first think of yourself on a road of two ends, and you was standing at one end, then you run three times faster than the speed of light, arrive to the second end of the road and turn back, logically what you will see?, just think of it.

What will happen in my idea is that the person when he or she turn back will see himself coming along the way, this will be the picture or the view of him coming, the idea is that he or she was faster than his or her picture, so he or she changes his level of time.

Scientist has approved that as a thing reaches the speed of light it will have a time delay but if it reaches the speed of light its delay in time will be an infinite value so we can think of it as its time has stopped.

But if that thing accelerate more than the speed of light the delay will come back from infinity down to zero delay but in an imaginary value, so they take it as unsupported value as it out of physics laws but this value has its own dimension as we know that imaginary value is the third dimension.

Someone will ask me is he or she travels to the future or the past, but what is the future or the past for you related to what level of time, so if the basic level of time was that the person start his running in, this person will be traveled to the future as he sees what will happen to him, if the level of time for you is when the person stops and turn back, this person will be traveled to the past as he sees what happened to him, so what is the base of time, future is like past. Wooooooow.

Is it crazy huh. Wait. Think of another thing using the same example, “space”, the person who ran along that way seems to be go along the same space, but if we think again the space around him has changed, how is that?, how he is in a place in the same time seeing himself coming from another place, someone will say he just sees a picture of him coming, that’s true but think closely if time shifted to a new dimension is not in the same dimension so he is in another dimension of space too, but still can see himself in another space dimension, but not the opposite, because the running one can't see himself in the finish end waiting, as we all don't know what we will happen to us in the future.

Dimensions are like spheres one inside the other and parallel to each other at the same time, a law in one dimension will be applicable in the interior dimension but not in the exterior dimension, so each dimension has its own limitation of knowledge, but the outermost one will hold all the knowledge of all sciences.

Every dimension units like length, weight, speed, and time vary from the same units in other dimensions, and also has its own characteristics, so it has its own laws too.

So what will happened if dimensions are not parallel and interfere with each other, in one sentence I will say what will happened is a collection of miracles.

I will talk another time in that so let’s get back to our discussion, how can we accelerate thing to be faster than light.

So the delay in time will be true but out of our dimension, but there is a problem in speed, any mass in our life get more weight as it accelerate faster, and so need more power to handle that bigger weight to accelerate faster, and so there will be a great amount of power to make this thing happened.

But even mass is a type of energy, and to make anything travel closely or faster than light it should be of mass as near or smaller than the mass of an electron for example or has no mass at all, this is the way to do if we can change mass into a new type of energy that can move but has no mass.

What things that has no mass? Even light has a mass as small as just being the fastest thing, but still there is one more, energy the pure one has no or relatively zero mass and this makes us thinking of the string theory of energy, wish considering the smallest part of life is within a strings of energy that makes all known things in our universe.

So if we can decompose anything from its real matter to its real energy strings, we can then accelerate it more times faster than light.

The most important thing here is if strings of energy are real and I think that so, strings still have its own imaginary or dimensional physics as it out of time consideration and space free too, in other words it doesn't belong to a specific dimension, it is multidimensional, and goes from one shape to one another inside the same dimension and also between dimensions, so I can't tell how can we control it.

Energy has its own butterfly effect too, small amount of it in some place and time in a dimension can cause another effect in another space and time may be in the same or another dimension too.

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