Monday, 25 July 2011

The Personal Goal

The life is not that extended, so anyone can say “I will reach all my goals in it”, in other hand even if my goals still unreachable in my life the best way to feel my satisfaction is to carry it to a level so other interested people can achieve it after my life.
The Idea of Sharing:
Aims for others may be as small as “my goal is something” thus when they reach their ambition they lose themselves cause they don’t realize what is the next stage, or if they don't reach it, their condition will still the same, thus for me the vision is different as “my objective is the most excellence of me” so I will always hunt of the next stage of my objective, and even not that only, I will try joining in others goals.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Silent Meditation

Silent Meditation
For many people the silence is a fuzzy state, this is what they think cause they don’t give it enough envision, that’s because they're not capable of staying in silence for long time, other people think of silence as the part of divine-self of the human like Love, Emotions, Inner lightning, and other concepts, they may be right, but for me the silence is the edge between inner-self and outer-self of our humanity.