Friday, 30 October 2009

Wireless Network Simulation Using OPNET IT Guru Academic Edition. Part 3 Wireless network Scenario.

3. Wireless network Scenario:

In this case study we will create four scenarios of a wireless network for an office of 20 employee starting with the simple standard IEEE802.11that its data transfer rate operate on 1& 2 Mbps and then we will go up till reach the standard IEEE802.11b that its data transfer rate operate on 11Mbps.

The scenarios will be used to provide an internet connection to use HTTP protocol to work on the main website of the company to enter the data into it by the employees working into that office and so to search about work data that is inside it.

Then we will compare the four scenarios to find the best one to choose in the real work.

3.1. Building Scenario:

To start building our scenario infrastructure we run to OPNET IT GURU simulation, we will start with one scenario then we will duplicate it and re configure them to build the other scenarios.

After starting the program we will create a new project from the “new” option in the “file” menu as follows.

Then name the project and the first scenario as follows.

After that the initial topology must be chosen for our scenario we will start with an empty one.

Then indicating the type of network scale, so as mentioned before, an office scale will be chosen for our scenario.

After that we will come to indicating the size of the office using a measure scale as meters and the units of that metric as 100 by 100 office as it a big floor of a large company.

After that the configuration of the topologies and equipments that we want to use in our scenario that is the Ethernet for using normal LANs equipments and Wireless LAN for using wireless equipments in our scenario.

At the end a review window will appear to review our selected main properties of our scenario.

When done a project workspace and an object palette will appear to start build our real infrastructure of our scenario.

We will start to but our main nodes manually in the scenario, using the object palette we but an Application Configuration Tool that will help us to configure the applications that will be used in the scenario, a Profile Configuration Tool that will help us to configure our user profiles and what application they suppose to use, an Ethernet Server that we provide application to be used in the WLAN, and finally Wireless LAN And Ethernet IP Router that will be used as an access point in our WLAN scenario.

The second way to enter wanted nodes is using rabid configuration for nudes that are similar and more that one using the rabid configuration option in the topology menu, and selecting the configuration type as unconnected network from the small window that appears

At the end of butting the nodes used in our scenario we can connect any wired objects using a connection type, we choose a 100BaseT connection from the object palette to connect between the server and the access point, and as for any node we can rename any node.


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