Friday, 30 October 2009

Wireless Network Simulation Using OPNET IT Guru Academic Edition. Part 4 Configuring Scenario.

4. Configuring Scenario:

Now we will start configuring our nodes by right clicking the wanted node and then choosing edit attributes.

  • The application configuration tool will configured to get the default application definition.
  • Then editing the profile configuration of profile configuration tool another window will appear to edit it, selecting the rows, where each row means a configuration entry, naming every entry and then edit their applications, also another window appears to select applications for that entry by selecting rows, here each row means an application entry, so here we can select a web browsing application that is our need in our scenario.

  • Selecting all the wireless workstations to be configured all together, editing the application supported profiles will open another window that we will select application rows and application types using it from the application profiles that we create using the application profile configuration tool, changing the value of physical characteristics attribute to the value of direct sequence, and finally changing the data rate to 1Mbps, this is the attribute that we will study the changes in scenario statistics by its variation

  • The access point router will enabled, and will set the data rate to 1Mbps as the same as the workstations.

  • The server will be configured to support all application services.

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