Friday, 30 October 2009

Wireless Network Simulation Using OPNET IT Guru Academic Edition. Part 5 Working With Scenarios.

5. Working With Scenarios:

5.1. Selecting the statistics of the scenario:

Now we should select the statistics that we will study in comparing scenarios by right clicking on any empty space in the workspace and choosing the individual statistics option, from the global statistics tree we will select the HTTP Page Response Time, TCP Delay, Wireless LAN Data Dropped, Wireless LAN Delay, Wireless LAN Load, Wireless LAN Media Access Delay, and finally Wireless LAN Throughput.

5.2. Duplicating Scenarios:

Duplicating the first scenario will help us to make a new one, naming it, and then changing some attribute in some nudes of the wireless network that we want to compare their effect on statistics and results upon the network, in our scenario we will change the data bit rate between the wireless access point and the wireless workstations, using four different values of data bit rate of 1Mbps as done in the first scenario, 2Mbps, 5.5Mbps, and 11Mbps that is the standard IEEE802.11b.

5.3. Running Simulation:

Now we have four different scenarios that can be switch between to run simulation on each one separately by choosing the run tool from the tool bar, selecting the simulation time (up to 8 hours for OPNET IT Guru Academic Edition free version).

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