Monday, 25 July 2011

The Personal Goal

The life is not that extended, so anyone can say “I will reach all my goals in it”, in other hand even if my goals still unreachable in my life the best way to feel my satisfaction is to carry it to a level so other interested people can achieve it after my life.
The Idea of Sharing:
Aims for others may be as small as “my goal is something” thus when they reach their ambition they lose themselves cause they don’t realize what is the next stage, or if they don't reach it, their condition will still the same, thus for me the vision is different as “my objective is the most excellence of me” so I will always hunt of the next stage of my objective, and even not that only, I will try joining in others goals.

So my personal target is to but my professional inspiration in the way of others insights and ideas, it’s simple as that many people sharing the same goal is better than one person hiding in his own goals behind the scenes, and in other manner as an individual I have the plan of producing the perfect of me as well as assisting others to dig up the upgrade of themselves too.

The perfect person or the perfect society:
Here is my philosophy in our life which is better? one person seeking his personal goal or one person working with others to attain the public goals, that is because we are not living alone anymore, even the whole society is still linked to the other societies in the world, learning from each others, teaching each others, and  helping each others is the perfect alternative for all of humanity all over the world.

The perfect society or the perfect world:
My next idea is the collection of all of my ideas above, one society is still rare of resources even if it is an extensive society, in the modern time the trading, agriculture, technology, Industry, and other evolutionary outlines are associated to each other all around the world, and new ideas are distributing in instant trough all the nations, all societies, and all people.

Many is better than one, a lot is advanced than many, thus an idea of many is enhanced than an idea of one, and an idea of a lot is improved than an idea of many, hence an idea of the all is the greatest idea ever, for the greatest person, the greatest society, and the greatest globe.

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