Sunday, 24 July 2011

Silent Meditation

Silent Meditation
For many people the silence is a fuzzy state, this is what they think cause they don’t give it enough envision, that’s because they're not capable of staying in silence for long time, other people think of silence as the part of divine-self of the human like Love, Emotions, Inner lightning, and other concepts, they may be right, but for me the silence is the edge between inner-self and outer-self of our humanity.

What is silence?

Silence is the skill of liberate your outer-self as close to your inner-self so you can release your inner sense as possible to hear in your heart and mind, this also will aid you to attain more space of your outer-self sense, assisting you to earn a better decisions for your life.

Silence as an edge:

The silence outline is not a tiny line between the inner and the outer self, it is a wide space of peace and light between them, this wide field is not empty as others think, it's full of pure feelings that bring you to your self-peace and your inner part of your mind, revealing all of stress and disturbance so you can handle your actions wisely.

Transcendental meditation:

Many people think of transcendental meditation as a religion while it is not, but many religions has a part of its traditions close or related to  the transcendental meditation, I'm not very acquainted with other world's religions, but as a Muslim, I know that our prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) before he was chosen as our prophet and messenger of Islamic religion, he used to go to the cave of Hera’a (a cave near Mecca) to meditate and his first Revelation with the angle (Gabriel) was in it during his meditation, and even thus meditation was not a part of the religion itself but still there as a part of the human best way of getting the pure knowledge of human life and God creations.

At the end many people still aware of meditation concerning of its similarity to other religions, where the connection between meditation and other religions was it use only, In Islam like an example many people may observe there is several meditation routines used in praying, reading Quran, Hajj, and Omrra, but the usage of meditation is distinct from religion practices.
The most meditation method used in religions practices is silence cause silence of minds still the best way to know the pure elements in humans bodies and souls, so as a Muslim I don’t consider meditation itself as religion-based technique otherwise I can say that most of religions practices are a meditation-based techniques.

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