Saturday, 23 June 2012

Home Made POE Injector

Home Made POE Injector:

POE: Power over Ethernet, is a technology used to deliver electrical power to a POE Device over the Ethernet cabling.
the POE Injector used to merge the power signal and the Ethernet signal using one Ethernet cable connected directly connected to the POE device or by using POE enabled switches or routers.

so if you don't have a POE Injector for a POE device and you have only the power adapter for that device and you can't use it because of the distance between the device and the electrical power source, you can use the above diagram to make a POE Injector. 

if your network device is a POE compatible, you can connect the POE cable directly into it, and the device itself will handle the demerge of the power and data signals as follows.

but if your device is not a POE compatible you can manually demerge the power signal from the data signal before connecting it to the non-POE compatible device as follows.

or you can convert your non-POE compatible device to a POE compatible device as I will show you in the next post.


  1. Excellent paper, right to the point. Built one ands it worked perfectly. Thank-you Mohammed

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