Saturday, 23 June 2012

Converting POE incompatible Network device to a POE compatible device.

How to convert  POE incompatible Network device to a POE compatible device:

At first refer to our previous post on how to make a homemade POE Injector.

Now we will use the Linksys wap54g wireless access point as an example.

As the POE device it means that it is not directly connected to the power adapter, it takes the needed power from the Ethernet cable, but this device is not a POE compatible, we will see the required steps to convert it to a POE compatible device.

First: we use the power adapter to make a POE Injector as the previous post.

Second: we disassemble the Linksys WAP54G Wireless access point, and take out it external circuit.

now take a look to this carefully

What you should do here is to connect the 4th and 5th Ethernet pin to the +DC pin through a diode for safety reasons, and connect the 7th and 8th Ethernet pins to the –DC pin.
Then connect the P+data Ethernet cable came from your homemade POE injector and the device now is enable to take the power directly from the Ethernet port.

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