Monday, 2 November 2009

Network Security Part 1 Introduction

Introduction to Network Security:

The network security as a job is a part of the operation unit of the IT department of any company, as companies may have a wide area network (WAN) connecting their entire branches, and may also connect to the Internet, so they have the need to secure their own data from unwanted behaviors.

WAN “Wide Area Network”:

First of all let us take a little and brief explanation about what a WAN is, in simple definition it is a group of LANs “Local Area Networks” connected with each others in such a connection method so that they all can react as a complete unit with the ability of connection to the internet, so in such that complicated way of organization the security term takes its place to accomplish the reliability of transferring data between all network components taking also the out side connection to the outer world as the most important link to be secure.

How WAN can be constructed.

Network Security made up by using several kinds of security components that all build the security system, those are:

  • Antivirus System.
  • Proxy Server.
  • Firewall System.
  • IDS.
  • Mail Relay.
  • Web Scanner.
  • VPN.

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