Thursday, 29 October 2009

The Matrix

A new philosophy of relations between us and the reality, first of all ask yourself “Is life real?”, “of course it is” as you will say, but what reality really means? Is it everything we touch, hear, see, taste and feel? So it is every thing we sense.

Ok the second answer is “Is our sense is real?”, now we get to the point, what is sense? It is a type of translation that our mind do as a response to our interactions with the outer environment that we called life, but if two things interact with each other and one of them response to this interaction, is the response will be the same as the interaction, No it will defer by many ways like force, shape, energy type, direction, time, place or will nothing happens.

Reality of what we sense:

Is all what we sense are real? They are real but not as we think it is.

Why? Because what we sense is a part of interactions responses that may be less or may vanish sometimes, take what we see as an example, it is just a response of light reflection from environment objects entering our eyes.

So what is wrong with that? There is nothing wrong except colors that is a response way to ease our interaction with objects in our environment, and may be not the same as all people do and don’t cover all light wave ranges, so there are some types of interaction that we don’t see like radio waves, magnetic fields and more of transparent contents in our life.

So what is that mean? That means, we don’t sense all what is around us, so we don’t know what real is really mean, we just feel some of it, but never know its reality.

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